The Story

Where we’re from.  Where we’re going.  Why we do anything at all.

Sound Dog Music Company exists to create music that demands to be intentionally listened to.

Sound Dog Music Company was created by me, Steve Gansen.  It was born out of a unique set of experiences and a strong sense of passion.  Long before realizing music could be played, much less monetized, I was a dedicated music LISTENER.  My passion for great music quickly turned into a passion for playing music…so I got a guitar and moved to Nashville.

Good Guitar Pic

After six successful years in Nashville working as a producer, engineer, touring guitarist, and session guitarist, the bright lights and big stages began to fade.  The reality of this industry was harsh: the business was driving the music.  With so much concern for “the next gig” and “the next hit record”, there was little room left for passion….the passion that drove me to play music in the first place.

I had to get back to where I came from.

I soon realized that great, original, PASSIONATE music is all around us.  What we have lost is our love for listening.  Music is always on…but we have let the art of “Intentional Listening” fall by the wayside. 

A successful music community is a delicate balance between the artist and the listener.  The artist has a RESPONSIBILITY to create to the best of his or her abilityTo stay true to what they believe is their best self expression.  Even more important is the listener.  The listener must INTENTIONALLY listen to, appreciate, and support the art of music.

This is the only way great music can survive.

Sound Dog Music Co. exists to create responsibly and listen intentionally.  We create music that demands to be intentionally listened to while fostering a community of great listeners.