Music for Artists

Your songs.  Your vision.  Our production.  Give your songs what they deserve.

Music Production

You’ve got the lyrics.  You’ve got the melodies.  You’ve got the songs.  Let Sound Dog Music Co. put them all together.  From pre-production to mastering, Sound Dog will exceed your recording experience expectations.

Music Production Includes….

  • Pre Production consultation
  • Demo arrangement and recording
  • Full tracking session*
  • Overdubs
  • Mixing**
  • Mastering**
*Studio rental may be necessary
**Can be performed in house or contracted out

A La Carte

Perhaps you’re well on your way to producing your own project…that’s awesome!  Sound Dog Music Co. would love to work with you and your vision to create the best possible music.  From guitar tracks to drum programming, let us know what we can help you with.

Previous Projects

“This Rodeo” by Steve Gansen : Produced by Steve @ Sound Dog Music Co.

“On My Mind” by Quinn Hussey : Produced by Steve @ Sound Dog Music Co.

Mixed by Rich Ramsey : Acoustic Guitar-Quinn Hussey : Djembe-Ryan Dillingham

“Fall For You” by Mike Yates : Produced by Steve @ Sound Dog Music Co.

Rhythm Acoustic Guitar-Mike Yates

“Gone” by Jonathan Robinson : Produced by Steve @ Sound Dog Music Co.

All Guitars-Jonathan Robinson

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